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    Are You Intelligent ? These are the quality of Intelligent person
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    All human has mind but where does wisdom mean that everyone is equal? Some are very intelligent, some of them are middle-minded. Intelligent people can progress in all areas in the field of self-determination of many problems that can come forward. But such intelligent men also have some bad habits. These are the bad habits of the wise men in the wise man

    1. Swearing frequently: It's really hard to deal with people who swear to swear. Because such people are not more reliable. Such people may also be using the vow to swear their wrong and fixed assignments. But according to a study, those people who swear in vain will become intelligent. Their attitude is different from other general men and can be fully recognized.

    2. Reduce sleep at night: intelligent people tend to sleep less than men of slow intelligence. Only sleep at night. According to the old man, he must be wise to sleep early in the night and get up early in the morning. But scientifically, it is the opposite. One study, which is around Man's IQ 75, sleeps at 11:00 pm, if his IQ is more than 125, he only sleeps after 1 o'clock.

    3. Unmanaged Living : Another bad habit of intelligent people is that the living room makes an illusion. When you go to such people's room, their room does not seem to be a streamlined and cleaner. The goods are scattered. Intelligent people do not know keeping their stuff together. According to researchers, they have the ability to analyze a different way through the scattered stuff around them. With the help of the agency

    Posted On : March 03, 2018
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