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    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS 2075
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    Nepalese greatest festival Dashain has comed and we all Nepalese are excited about this festivals.Apart from this, many of us are worry about greeting to others relatives via facebook and different social media.If you are searching about Dashain Wishes,Tihar Greeting and Cards then be relax.Here i have collected the best Dashain Tihar wishes for 2075.

    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS 2076

    Most of us are wasting our valuable time in writing Wishes for Dashain ,Tihar,Dipawali.Here i have collected the Most amazing Dashain Tihar quotes 
    The best collection of Dashain,Tihar wishes in text form are:

    Birse Hunch Dukh Pida ani Sara Byathaa
    Liie Aayo Sara Khusi  Dashain Hamaro Saajhaa
    2075 Saal Ko Bada Dashain Ko Yahi Chh Mero Shubhakaaman
    Chaaos Hars Ra Umang Pura Houn Mano Kaamana .
    Bhagya Chamkos Sabaiko
    Sabai Ko Hos Sukh Samridhi
    Sukh Shanti baas hos
    Chaarai Tir Maata Durgako Aasirbaad Rahi Rahos Sarbada.
    2075 Saalko Bijaya Dashain Ko Yahi Chh Subhkaamana.

    Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain Messages, Dashain Quotes 2075 in Nepali 

    Vijaya Dashami tatha Deepawali ko hardik mangalmaya subhakamana chha!

     Wishing you a Happy Vijaya Dashami and Deepawali. God bless you and your family.

     Bijaya Dashain Tatha Shubh Dipaawali ko awasar maa Haardik Mangal maya Subhkaamana Byakta Gardachu

    Top Dashain SMS in English

    Vijaya Dashami is a day for celebration, Vijaya Dashami is a day for the victory of good over evil, Vijaya Dashami is a day when the world see Vijaya Dashami is a day of the example of the power of good. Let us continue the same true spirit forever and ever. Blessing of Dashain.

    Dashain Tihar Popular Wishes

    Jayanti Mangala Kaali Bhadrakali Kapalini ।

    Durga Shiwa Kshama Dhatri Swaha Swadha Namostute ।।

    Nepaliharuko Mahan Chad Badha Dashain 2075 ko Magalmaya Shubhakamana ।।।

    Dashain Tihar Popular Wishes

    Dashain Tihar Status 2075

    We may not be together but our heart always misses each other. The fun we use to have in this auspicious festival reminisces all those beautiful memories. Happy Dashain 2075my dear parents.

    Happy Dashain SMS 2075

    In this dashain i am sending you JUST CASH:-
    C-care from heart
    please do accept with love Happy Dashain 2075

    Some cool collection of Dashain greeting Cards 2076 :
    Here is the some cool greeting cards for Dashain that you can send to your friends ,family and relatives.

    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS Collection

    Here is another cool wishing for Dashain 2075:

    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS Collection

    • Ecards for Dashain 2075 Nepali

    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS 2075
                                            Wallpaper is collected from Nepalitrends
    Happy Dashain Tihar SMS 2075

    At last i hope you have got what you are searching for .if you have any suggestion about this article then please let me know in comment section and you can also mail me mail@m.promod.com.np and feel free to share with your friends.

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