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    [Pramod Blog's] NEB Old Question Collection
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    We are starting with questions asked in HSEB final examination 2012 (2069), but sample test question papers by other educational organization (e.g. PABSON) and institutions will be on the follow-up trend. We are trying to make it your one stop station for hseb question collection. 
    Hope you'll love it.

    Here are some Questions' PDF below, please click link to download.

    Chemistry, Grade 11 - 2069 (2012)

    Physics New Course Grade 11 - 2069 (2012)

    Computer Science, Grade XI - 2069 (2012)

    Biology, Grade XI - 2069 (2012)

    Compulsory English, Grade XI, - 2069 (2012)

    More will be uploaded soon, keep subscribed.

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