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    How Much Tax Nepali Bike Rider should pay annually
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    → How many bikes users are there in Nepal?

    Bike users are more than 22 million in Nepal. The government statistics show that more than 3 million bike users are growing annually.

    On the Nepalese road, bikes are usually found from Rs. 50,000 to 52 lakh. Motorcycles and scooters are now taken as an essential vehicle. Due to the real public ride of urban areas, the number of bike users is growing.

    When purchasing a motorcycle from person to person , you have to pay the tax on different topics on the government. The motorcycles should pay taxes on the traffic office of the Traffic Management Department in the name of tax making and maintenance of vehicles.

    →How Much Tax Nepali Bike Rider should pay annually ?

    There is a government rule to pay for road construction and charging on CC basis when buying a motorcycle. Road construction and charging will not be paid annually. Once you buy a taxpayer, you will not pay until once you use the bike.

    125 CC costs 10 thousand for annual maintaince, 126 c to 250 cc, 12 thousand, 251 cc to 400 cc, and 15 thousand and 401 cc above motorcycles, 20 thousand ,road construction and maintenance should be paid.

    Similarly, the use of the motorcycles should pay taxes on the basis of the vehicle. Out of 125 CC, 250, 125 CC to 250 cc, 4 thousand, 251 cc to 400 cc and 8 thousand and 401 cc above shold pay  15 thousand per year.
    Here are the details of the vehicle tax rate for the fiscal year 2073 – 2074 that you have to pay to ride vehicles in Nepal:

    Private Vehicles Tax
    Motorcycles and Scooters

    Up to 125ccRs. 2,500
    126cc to 250ccRs. 4,000
    251cc to 400ccRs. 8,000
    401cc and higherRs. 15,000

    Car, Jeep, Van and Micro Bus

    Up to 1000ccRs. 19,000
    1001cc to 1500ccRs. 21,000
    1501cc to 2000ccRs. 23,000
    2001cc to 2500ccRs. 32,000
    2501cc to 2900ccRs. 37,000
    2901cc and higherRs. 53,000

    Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers, Tempo, Tractors and Power Tiller

    Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheelers and TempoRs. 5,000
    TractorRs. 4,000
    Power TillerRs. 3,000


    Minitruck/MinibusRs. 22,000
    Truck/BusRs. 30,000

    Heavy Duty Vehicles

    Dozer, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, CraneRs. 35,000
    Mini-TipperRs. 25,000

    Public Vehicles (Those that collect fares) Tax
    Car, Jeep, Van, Micro Bus

    Up to 1300ccRs. 8,000
    1301cc to 2000ccRs. 9,000
    2001cc to 2900ccRs. 11,000
    2901cc to 4000ccRs. 13,000
    4001cc and higherRs. 15,000

    Auto Rickshaws, Three Wheelers, Tempos etc.

    Auto Rickshaw, Three Wheeler and TempoRs. 4,000
    TractorRs. 2,500
    Power TillerRs. 2,000


    Minitruck, MinibusRs. 12,000
    Mini TripperRs. 14,000
    Truck, BusRs. 16,000

    Heavy Duty Vehicles

    Dozers, Excavator, Loader, Roller, Tipper, CraneRs. 17,000

    Note: There are additional points in the source that might be applicable to your vehicle. You will also find the one-time custom duty information over there.

    Posted On : March 03, 2018
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