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    Free Wifi In Tribhuwan University & constituent Campus
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    Tribhuvan University has started management of smart board and free Wi-Fi to make all the constituent Campus Information Technology. The university has arranged a sum of Rs.15 million for the smart board purchase, while Rs. 10 million has been sanctioned for free Wi-Fi and electrical governance (E Governments) in the Office, Central Department and Campus in Kirtipur.

    According to the Chief Prakash Kumar Pokharel, the campus has begun to ask for the amount of money for the purchase of smart board in the ongoing period. Currently there are 60 constituent and 1085 affiliated Campus in Tribhuwan university.

    He also said that the open and E-learning classroom was conducted in the world for students who did not have time to study regularly. Dr. Pokharel, said that such a student is able to see the marks from SMS and fill the form through online.

    Posted On : January 21, 2018
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