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    When to Read ? -Tips for Effective Learning
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    Due to mobile, computer, and internet, people have started reducing reading habits. The number of days spent on the social network has increased in spite of reading the best content inside the Internet. Watching useless videos in YouTube is millions not worth millions of time consuming waste.

    We do not have useful content for our lives on the Internet, but mother's interest is increasing to unproductive content. It has fallen into our mind as a flood. This flood has begun to shed many. On the one hand to live, we have started living, Facebook. Our scripture is not written in the 'most of the virginity'. If it is too late, he does nothing except for a minute. Our reading culture is missing because of many networks and videos coming from the internet, as a medium of business. We have forgotten to read. Be careful, reading the book is as important as food in life.

    Work does not matter nor is the honor. We are working with compulsion. The work of compulsion does not give a good income. And the longer time left, except for eating and drying up, we have begun the Internet like Facebook as usual. Facebook is not always bad, but its abuse has increased. Especially in work, we are facing realistic times of life. We are giving more time to people who do not know.

    Study, thinking, and meditation are important aspects of man. Instead, we are stuck on the stats that do not sleep. We have been following many aspects of our study, thinking, and personality development, growing in favor of not having any identity with our lives, and following life.

    People should read continuously. The more studies they have, the same goes up. The more you have seen, they read. The secret of successful man's success is the study. Talking to a new place, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, is already studying that place. Furthermore, learning the local language of the related space also stops a speech in the same language. And everyone wins the mind. Yes, Modi is not merely, Successful people around the world are studying enough about themselves to face and others move forward.

    Those who are afterward, due to lack of studies, lack of study. You might have the ability, but not study. Due to lack of study, it is important to put aside the same flutter. If I have been studying the noble people of the world, they have the same reason to go up, study and then work. Some success can be achieved by other things but can not be successful without study and hard work.

    When to read?

    The person is most likely to sleep at night. At that time, the person gets the same thing as the value. According to the scientist, man runs the net at the most sleeping time. And, on the night to sleep sleeping on the goose bed, the barrier creates a barrier.

    According to the scriptures, when the person sleeps at the time of sleeping, the next morning he gets in the same house. The effect of the tension that has been used by the night is the effect of stress on the next day. So, at the time of sleeping, study the subjects that can awaken your heart, inspire them to do creative work, and create positive feelings. If you read that you are interested in the night, it makes a good impact on life.

    Its the best example, the software is Will  Gates. Will Gates never use the net before sleeping. He still studies before sleeping. They consider general information only on the net. Books should be read for serious knowledge. Perhaps he understood this long ago and became the world. Not only Will Gates, the famous Bennier Warren Buffett, also reads 4 hours a day. It is important for a busy person to give 20 minutes a book. However, as a Buffet busy, people mean 4 hours, book study makes people different from others.
    Power of study

    The US has started running a tomb now. That's - Red Cross Riders. They just discovered the internet. Keep it important. But they study the book. Even if they run the Internet, they download it from the book and read the book in the tab or window.

    The more people who studied, the same he reads, Will Gates inspired his children to read the book. Bill Gates gave us computer and mobile. We use them. He reads a new-old, eastern-eastern book. This stage was also the producer of iPhone Steve Jones. He also studied continuously.

    Posted On : January 21, 2018
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