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    Alert ! These Mobile won't be working In Nepal
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    The Telecom Authority has introduced the rules to register the necessary IMEI number when the new mobile is purchased from the coming year. Authorities informed that the SIM card was not registered with the IMEI number, the Authority has made it clear that the new law has been brought to prevent mobile trade. Since the registration of IMEI only 20 million registered in the month of 20 months, the Authority has begun to bring the rules from Baisakh. Chairman of the Authority, Digambar Jha said that only 10 per cent of the mobile used mobile in Nepal was required to be punished. A few years ago, the number was up to 60 percent. After the new rule was taken, the number of mobile phones coming in the year would be sure and it would also be controlled by mobile theft. Chairman Jha said that the Authority will implement the scheme based on the suggestions by appointing consultants for the system.

    Posted On : January 16, 2018
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