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    Alert ! Uninstall These 42 Commonly Used Apps From Your Smartphone Now
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    UC Browser has been in controversy for a long time now as it was being considered as Chinese spyware. Now it is being reported that Indian government has blacklisted 42 apps for Android and iOS users.
    It has been said that these apps are malicious and Chinese spyware, so they must be immediately uninstalled from your smartphone. It has also been advised to make sure that army officers are not using any of these apps.
    A report by India Today states that the information has been sent out by the Union Home Ministry after receiving inputs from agencies like the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO).
    Have a look at the list here.
    1. Weibo
    2. WeChat
    3. SHAREit
    4. Truecaller
    5. UC News
    6. UC Browser
    7. BeautyPlus
    8. NewsDog
    9. VivaVideo- QU Video Inc
    10. Parallel Space
    11. APUS Browser
    12. Perfect Corp
    13. Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)
    14. CM Browser
    15. Mi Community
    16. DU recorder
    17. Vault-Hide
    18. YouCam Makeup
    19. Mi Store
    20. CacheClear DU apps studio
    21. DU Battery Saver
    22. DU Cleaner
    23. DU Privacy
    24. 360 Security
    25. DU Browser
    26. Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
    27. Baidu Translate
    28. Baidu Map
    29. Wonder Camera
    30. ES File Explorer
    31. Photo Wonder
    32. QQ International
    33. QQ Music
    34. QQ Mail
    35. QQ Player
    36. QQ NewsFeed
    37. WeSync
    38. QQ Security Centre
    39. SelfieCity
    40. Mail Master
    41. Mi Video call-Xiaomi
    42. QQ Launcher

    Posted On : December 04, 2017
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