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    Top ISP-Internet Service Provider In Nepal
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        #1. Worldlink 

    WorldLink is the largest Internet and Network Service Provider in Nepal and one of the most prominent IT companies. Founded in September 1995 with the aim of providing Internet and IT services by its present Chairman and Managing Director, Dileep Agrawal. WorldLink started off by providing store-and-forward e-mail services over a dial-up link to the Internet in the US. In March 1997, WorldLink started providing full Internet access over a dedicated leased-line to the Internet backbone in the US through Teleglobe International. From September 1999 till June 2008, WorldLink has been connecting to the Internet over a direct satellite uplink through its own VSAT terminal, thereby completely bypassing Nepal Telecommunications Corporation, the local PTT
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           #2.CLASSIC TECH

    Classic Tech is one of the customers best Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) in Nepal established in 2009. Its reliable services, user-friendly plans, the larger network and dedicated service made the ISP the best customer choice.

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    #3. Vianet

    Vianet Communications P. Ltd. is one of the leading providers of high speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for business and individuals in the greater Kathmandu Valley. Established in 1999, Vianet Communications has always remained in the forefront providing reliable and affordable Broadband Internet Services. In 2011 Vianet Communications pioneered in introducing Fiber Optics Internet or commonly known as FTTH internet service and has been successful in connecting the most number of homes and offices with FTTH in the region. We are solely focused on FTTH services and our engineers constantly strive to bring the best product and service package according to our customer needs. Vianet Communications aims to be the service provider that makes future Broadband dream a reality today.

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    #4. Subisu

    Subisu started wireless internet service in 2008, outside Kathmandu valley. This was a very bold step taken by Subisu to connect the people of urban, rural and remote areas of Nepal, to the internet service. At present Subisu Wireless Internet service is in 60+ districts and the company is planning to widen its service all over the country in the near future.

                                        #5. Websurfer Nepal

    It was founded in January 2001 by a small group of young computer literates. After a flourishing step toward the cutting edge technology WebSurfer has formed the technology research and development department where the entire engineers research about the cutting edge technology and provide the stable and affordable products to entire Nepal.

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