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    How to Put adsense code in Blogger Post - For google adsense publisher who use blogger platform sometimes encounter difficulties to show adsense code in the post body (header, content, or footer section). If you immediately put raw code in the post body, it can be ascertained ads will not appear. This was due to the post body section does not recognize entities that exist on the adsense code. After you convert your adsense code on the form adsense converter then you can immediately put it on your blog. More details see how below. Make sure you check "Expand Widget Templates" in the Design -> Edit HTML Search for the "post-body entry-content" (without the quotes) or the identity or class name that you provide for the post body if you just use a modified template. Then put the adsense code that has been converted under it. You can put it in the header, content or footer. Finish If you have any problems regarding this please ask via the comments form. Maybe i can help solve your problem.