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    Baideshik App adding new milestone to Foreign Employment
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    Foreign employment 'app' has been public for the purpose of informing employees who are working abroad for foreign land.
    The shared question has made public publication on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of its establishment, targeting the workers working abroad for the evening on Thursday.

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    Anil Adhikari, Editor of Sajhasabal Media, said publicly targeting millions of Nepali, manpower businessmen and foreign employment in foreign employment and foreign employment.
    "The app will play an important role in informing advertisements for a job, to know whether the advertisements are easy, to know more about manpower and to inform the entire manpower," he said.
    According to the editorial officer, the demand for the demands of the countries in the country as per the country in the appeals, can easily see the advertisement demand, salary, post and demand according to the most.

    In the program, Secretary General of the Foreign Employment Business Association Naresh Gailal said that the public sector is doing a good job by targeting foreign workers and contributing to foreign employment. "Such work should be from the government sector, but the private sector has done a good job," he said.
    Ram Kumar Thapa, director of the Foreign Employment Department, said that this work has worked between the workers and businessmen. He said that the department should assist in applying the necessary information necessary for the application.

    Posted On : May 25, 2018
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