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    These are diseases may caused due to habit of eating MoMo
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    Many types of recipe's are found in the market. According to doctors, such symptoms will increase unnecessary weight. The bones are also drowned. Eating Momo made of Maida is dangerous for the body.

    Momo has side effect of digestion.  It does not have fiber. The oxide is bleeded on benzoyel to make white and shiny, which is harmful for health. When eating flour, the amount increases in the body, because it contains high glycemic indexes.

    Increasing blood sugar enhances glucose in blood. Which causes chemical reactions to the body. It increases heart disease. Momo's excessive consumption has a constipation problem. It also causes headache and other problems.

    Those who regularly eat Momo or other food made from flour, their immune capacity reduces. Due to the extracted form of maize, the amount of maize is high. Due to which the bones of the body are weak.

    Posted On : March 09, 2018
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