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    New Release of Chrome will be block Advertisment online
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    Google has added the feature that can block online advertising on its Chrome browser.

    With Google Chrome's new filter now open any website, Google ads that appear on the page will be blocked.

    Google has specifically decided to stop online advertising from those websites who are surprised by users. As soon as possible, video ads that contain autocomplete sound.

    Chrome can now block all the hidden ads. It will also be Google's ads. But Google may also have another purpose of starting such an ad filter in the Chrome browser, and it may also make the user not agree to use other ad blocking software. Due to such software, Google does not receive revenue  from ADLC.

    Whenever any ad will be blocked by Google Chrome, the user will receive a notification for it. If the user wants to see the advertisements, then the options can also be snapped.

    Posted On : February 18, 2018
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