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    These are the best smartphones that Takes best photos on Low Light
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    To lighten photography from the phone, weakening light is a great problem. The smartphone's flat light feature has been helpful in reducing this problem. The last time has been improved in photography, but despite this, Low-Light Photography has also become a challenge. But these smartphones are the best option for photography in the light of darkness

    1. Google Pixel to / Pixel to XL: Google had given the experience of excellent photography through its pixel series smartphone, which he has completed. Google's pixel to / pixel to xl both phones provide good results for low-quality picture issues. Cameras are the same on both smartphones. It has pixel visual core chipset.

    2. Apple iPhone X-Apple's iPhone Xmaam is a 12-megapixels dual back camera. It has a cell phone lens connected to a sensor. There was also a similar setup in iPhone et Plus. But with the telephone lens on iPhone X, the optic image stabilization as well as high-focus lens is also available. Due to which it is a good option to take photos in weak light.

    3. Samsung Galaxy Note Atom: Samsung is a powerful name in the camera segment. The latest flaggip Galaxy Note at smartphone has 12 megapixel dual cameras. This may take a good photo in Low Light Censation.

    4. OnePlus T: The medium-quality quality cameras should say it. It is not only cheap, but it can also be an excellent choice for high-definition photography in weak light. This smartphone is in a 16-megapixel dual-megapixel dual setup. It can take a high quality picture in weak light. 

    Posted On : February 19, 2018
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