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    Nepal's goal in the World Cup is 'Super Six'
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    While preparing to fly Zimbabwe to play World Cup, Nepal has taken the target to reach at least Super Six. Nepali troop in the capital of Paras Khadka tomorrow will arrive in Zimbabwe.

    After playing two exercises, the tournament will start playing against domestic home in February 20. Nepal, who is group B, will also have to play Afghanistan, Hong Kong and Scotland.

    According to the instructor world Tomata, Nepal's goal was to be Super Six in the World Cup. "There is a dream to play a World Cup, but now our goal is Super Six," he said.

    Three top teams of each group will reach Super Six. If Nepal can make space in Super Six, competition with teams coming from Group A will have to compete.

    Group E is West Indies, Ireland, Netherlands land, Papua New Guinea and YAE.

    Posted On : February 23, 2018
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