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    Pure Nepali Web Hosting with Data Center in Kathmandu
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    With cutting age technology ,Data inflow and outflow matters alots. Nepal has achieved new step on IT .With the establishment of Data Centers in Nepal ,data inflow and outflow has becomed very fast for web hosting.Previously in Nepal website were hosted on US,UK,India based server which used to be tedious and comparitively slower but with the installation of local data center in Kathmandu ,website hosting has becomed easier and fast.

    Prabhu Host introduces Pure Nepali Web Hosting  with Data Center in Kathmandu
    Accourding to Prabhu Host -"Linux Web Hosting (cPanel) will be 50 times faster because of Kathmandu Data Center and Pure Nepali Hosting server.
    Look Plan Of Prabhu Host:

    Posted On : January 12, 2018
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