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    Malaysian Ringgit Rate increase highest comparision to before two Years
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    According to the Nepal Rastriya Bank exchange rates, the purchase rate of the Malaysian Ringet on Monday  is 25 rupees 87 paise, the sales rate is 26 rupees 2.This is a high value of about two years. At the time the price of ringtit above 30 rupees fell down to 23. The last few months, the ringtit seems to be bold.Similarly, purchasing of Qatari Riyadh is Rs 27, 9 7 paise and sales rate of 28 rupees 13. The purchase rate of UAE dirham is 27 rupees 73, the sales rate is 27 rupees 89. The sale rate of Saudi Riyadh is 27 rupees 16 dollars, the sales rate is 27 rupees 32 money.The purchase rate of Kuwaiti Dinar is 338 rupees 2, the sales rate is 341 rupees 2. The purchase rate of Bahrain dues is 270 rupees 19, the sales rate is 271 rupees 78 paise. At the rate set by the Nepal Rastriya Bank commercial banks are able to calculate the prices slightly.

    Posted On : January 21, 2018
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