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    These are works where public should go to State Capital
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    Here is works that are done at local and State Level:
    1. Birth, death and certified local level, birth, death, marriage, bus service, and other certificates, including all certificates and services are received from office offices. Only to take citizenship and passport will go to district headquarters like now.

    2. The name of Jagga and the Lalpuri will also be available from the local level for distribution of home-based wealth in the village. The name of the land and the purchase, payment, complaint, and services are also available at the local level.

    3. Property tax, property tax, home tax, home estate registration fees, vehicles tax, tourism fees, advertisement tax, business tax, landowners, penalties, entertainment tax, freight taxes will be paid at the same time.

    4. The social security allowance will also be distributed by the local level at the local level, social security allowance, distribution of the program, and distribution of programs to citizens, disabilities, and disability.

    5. Early treatment of cases will be made and arranged by the villagers or municipalities after the minor issues are discussed in local level. For this, the leadership of the sub-head is available if one's donot satisfied with the descision then only one go to District Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
    6. From the cooperative, radio registration can also be registered or rejected at the local level from the cooperative organization to FM radio at local level. Similarly, construction of drinking water, small hydropower project, alternative energy, is also within the authority of local level.

    7 .The examination and course of the course will be conducted locally on the secondary level ie SEE examinations. It is also designed to make this course up to date.

    Posted On : January 18, 2018
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