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    Review:Padmavati -Promod
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    When I think of the name sanjay leela Bhansali, the first thing that crosses my mind is exquisite frames and gorgeous visuals. His latest magnous opus PADMAAVAT has left me mesmerized.
    the love story ,the simmering tension ,the conflict that ensues, the dramatic altercation , the battle sequences , the nail biting finale are beautifully juxtaposed in the narrative .everything blends beautifully like a symphony. In short, PADMAAVAT brings the past vividly to life.
    You've got to watch RANViR singh as treacherous ,vicious ,vindictive and villainous khilji .he doesn't just play khilji ,he inhabits him.its an astounding and gusty performance that will be remembered for sure.

    Posted On : January 26, 2018
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