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    Are You Unemployed ? These jobs can solve your problem that can be learned within 15 Days.
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    Study is complete but there is no job. This is a problem with many student But after searching for a job and exercising time, you learn a few things, looking for a job yourself. There are so many workers in Nepal that you can not think. Today i am going to tell you few job that can be learn withing 15 days but feed you until your life.

    1. If you have not passed  SLC, learn to make coffee. There are places to teach professor coffee in the market. There is a lot of coffee makers in the market. If so, you get 30K per months normally in Nepal.

    2. Most people are well known about  marketing.  if you can speak well with others, learn the marketing skill  with basic knowledge of advertising. Those who can know about bills, knowing how to create a recipe, and who talk to others are very good at online media. Generally in Nepal the salary of Media person is about 20 thousand in Nepal. One can learn media in 15 days.

    3. If you are interested in a computer, learn how to make a computer. It is also a demand for those who work in the market. Hardware and software teaching institutions are similar to the market. Being a computer and good knowledge about the network, that person is never unemployed in Nepal.

    4. Learn how to play video cameras. The demands of those who know how to record video of different assembly ceremonies and television in Nepal are very low so here is good oppertunities for Cameramen. This profession can also be earned up to 1 lakh rupees in the month.

    5. Learn Nepali & Type Nepal is now a great demand for good quality Content writer In Nepal. If one can write good Nepali then he/she can get easily job in Book printing publishing,Newspaper,advertising Company etc.

    Posted On : January 24, 2018
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