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    Top 10 free ways to make money online in Nepal
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    If you want to know how to make money online then you are at right place. Earning money online is really fun, if you get safe and legit methods. It took me 3 years to know and list the exact methods to earn. I tried different methods but i got into the hands of brokers many times. About 95% of my works were for spam from which i didn’t get any money. But, at the end some methods really made me money and prepared this list of Top 10 free ways to make money online in Nepal. The methods listed here doesn’t cost you. So, feel free to try. I urge you to read all the articles linked here to get the best result. Why not take some time and know more things. Have Patience you will get the result. 1)Blogging: It is by far the best thing to get started with to make money online. To set up a blog it is Super easy. You can set up your blog with free platforms like Blogger or WordPress. You can apply many ideas into that single blog to earn. But, to succeed choosing the blog of right name and category is very important. Things to know before blogging. 2)Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a very powerful tool to make money. It is the process of selling someone’s stuff or products by you. You get commission for selling their product. You can make million dollars with little effort and task. You can apply this method onto your blog to earn more. You can read more about it here. 3)Guest writing: This is also a very cool technique. You will get paid for writing articles for other blogs or website. Your article must be related to their blog/website. If your article is food they will publish your article with your name and pay too. It will also help you to build a network. 4)Google Adsence: It is the service provided by Google which allows the user to display ads on their blog/websites and get paid if it gets clicked. You can make huge amount with it. The more popular and bigger your blog the more you make money. Most popular websites are making money with this program. The earning varies from the blog to blog and the ads displayed. 5)Data Entry: Though this job doesn’t pay you much, it is much easier to start off and check whether you can make money online or not. You get paid for just few words or few click. As a beginner you can try this method easily. The task includes simple signup, Facebook like/comment,youtube like/comment,sharing,etc. It may sound crazy to you but it’s true. Some of them are Microworkers.com and Minuteworkers.com. I recommend you to sign-up for both of them. 6)Freelancing: This is for those who are professional trained at their fields. If you are good at designing webpage,logo design, Writing articles, Correcting grammar,etc. You are paid high amount for doing the task. You get a task by bidding for the project. oDesk,Elance,Guru are some major websites. 7)Writing eBooks: If you are good at writing then you may earn by writing an ebook about anything. It may tell about anything but the information must be true and systematic. There must not be any articles that tends to fool the reader. It may be of any length. It doesn’t mean that it should be long. It may even 10 pages or 100 pages but the content must be original and true. I will discuss about it more later. You can sell your eBook through your blog/websites and keep the full money. 8)Squidoo: This is the method to make money with squidoo.com. you write an article and submit it in the form of lens. The secret is to keep your affiliate links inside so you can get paid. Also, you get paid by sharing the revenue of the adsence amount they get from your lens(article). 9) Make software: Yes, if you have enough knowledge about coding then you can earn by selling a simple software you made. You can earn by selling it. Also, you can make money by giving the software for free but you should place some ads there. I’ll discuss about it later. 10)Upload files: Sharing files is growing as a business nowadays. People are making handsome amount by just sharing others stuff. You get paid if the file you shared is downloaded by others usually 1000 times. As, the earning is limited i don’t really recommend it now especially in Nepal. Finally, I recommend you to take your time and decide what you are really going to do. If are confused then read other articles and know more and find what would best suit for you so, you don’t hesitate later. HAPPY EARNING…. :-h (This Article is compiled)

    Posted On : December 06, 2017
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