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    Top 10 Engineering Colleges in Nepal
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    After  the establishment of Institute of Engineering (IOE) in 1930 A.D ,many engineering institution has been established in Nepal  so far.Many students want to study Engineering in Nepal but they are in a confusion that where to join and what are the basic things that is taken into mind before joining any institution.Here in this blog , i will focus only on Engineering College. The main things that should be taken into account while join Engineering College in Nepal and anywhere else.They are :

    • Goodwill 
    • Teacher's Team
    • Infrastructure and equipment
    • Pass Result 
    Apart From this there are many factor that should be considered while joining any engineering college.As this blog is to help you choosing better college .
    So here is list of Top 10 Engineering College In Nepal.
    1.Institute Of Engineering ,Pulchowk
    To get admission in IOE one should get good mark in entrance exam of this college. Since it has limited seat, only those who can come at the top of the list of the entrance exam get a chance to admit in the college. So, it is one of the toughest competition in Nepal.
    Website :http://ioe.edu.np
    Location: Pulchowk,Nepal
    Total Sheats in IOE :

    ProgramsCentral Campus, PulchowkWestern Region CampusEastern Region CampusThapathali Campus
    Electronics and Communication2424123612361236
    Sum Seats1536

    2.Kathmandu University

    Kathmandu University is second most ranked enginnering College of Nepal and loacted in Dhulikhel,Nepal.The engineering degree offered by Kathmandu University is another best engineering degree in Nepal that has world recognition. It is one of the best university of Nepal due to its high standard academic excellence.

    Website http://www.ku.edu.np

    3.Kantipur Engineering College

    Kantipur Engineering College, under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University
    , has been imparting engineering education since 1998 with the objective to
    produce qualified and proficient engineers capable of facing the engineering
    challenges of this modern era, where science and technology is dominating
    every field
    Address: Patan
    Website Kec.edu.np

    4.Advanced College of Engineering and Management

    Advanced College of Engineering and Management. With the vision to establish world class academic institution Advanced College of Engineering and Management (acem) was established on 2000 under the affiliation of Tribhuvan University.

    5.National Engineering College

    National College of Engineering (NCE) is affiliated to the Tribhuvan University and was established in 2058 B.S

    Website http://nce.edu.np 

    6.Khwopa College

    KhEC is community-based engineering college, undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality. It is centrally located at culturally rich city Bhaktapur. KhEC will, in every regard, be the right destination for those who aspire to become professional engineers and architects at affordable fees

    7.Himalaya College of Engineering

    Himalaya College of Engineering (HCOE) is affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU), Nepal. Established in June 2000 AD

    8.Nepal Engineering College

    Nepal Engineering College, popularly known as nec, was established in 1994 under private sector initiative.

    9.Acme Engineering College

    Acme Engineering College, established in 2000 A.D., aims to provide quality education and has grown to become leading centre for engineering education in Nepal

    10.Kathford College
    It established in 2003 A.D and affilated to TU.

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