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    Describe Physical appearance of Yourself
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    Look at the words below: Lanky, skinny, wiry; stocky, petite, curvy; chubby, slim, shapely; well-built, overweight, slender 1. Which of the following people could they be used to describe? a. a strong, thin man b. a small, thin woman c. a tall, thin man d. a small, fat, strong man e. an attractive woman with broad hips and a big bust f. a tall, thin woman 2 Which of the phrases below suggest? a. a slim, strong man b. a big, fat man c. an attractive man (in your opinion) He's got a double chin He's got a pot belly He's got a beard and moustache He's bald He's got sideburns He's got slim hips and a narrow waist He's broad-shouldered He's got high cheekbones He's got a six pack He's long-legged 3. What's the difference between the following? a. a ponytail                                            a pigtail                   a goatee b. flat-chested                         pigeon-chested       broad-chested c. bony                                    big-boned                               skin and bones d. handsome                                           gorgeous                                 attractive e. hunky                                  cute                                        charming 4 Read the descriptions of different people. Then complete the final sentence in the most appropriate way. a. When I last saw my brother, he was a long, lanky eighteen-year-old with scruffy, long hair and a thin moustache that looked silly. He was skinny and shy. But now, I've just returned from two years in America, and he's absolutely gorgeous. He's ___________________________________. b. When he was young my dad was short, slim and wiry. He played rugby, and he was very fast and strong. But now, well, he's put on a bit of weight, and he would best be described as ________________________________. c. My friend Sara has always been a bit chubby, and over Christmas she ate lots of good food, and got depressed because she was really overweight. So she went on a crash diet, lost loads of weight, and started working out at the gym. She's transformed. Now, she's ________________________________. 5. Write a description of someone you know well, a friend or a relative, whose appearance has changed. What did they look like before, and what do they look like now? Why and how did they change? Adjectives for Describing Appearance 6. Can you sort these words into positive, negative and neutral adjectives? attractive fat beautiful brunette smart tall well-built redhead thin presentable skinny scruffy handsome slender flabby
    blonde obese curvy plump gorgeous Positive Adjectives Negative Adjectives Neutral Adjectives
    7. Put the following personality adjectives under the correct headings: ambitious analytical competitive loud sociable affectionate critical confident bossy sneaky athletic manipulative stubborn Selfish generous cooperative sensitive Shy talkative independent  
    Positive quality Negative quality Both
      8. Match the adjectives (of character/personality) to the prefixes that form the opposites: Dis-                                         a) honest, trustful Im-                                         b) responsible, rational Ir-                                           c) flexible, sensitive In-                                          d) reliable, pleasant, friendly Un-                                         e) mature, personal, perfect  General appearance She's a very smart and elegant woman, always well-dressed; her husband is quite the opposite, very scruffy and untidy-looking / messy-looking. He's very good-looking, but his friend's rather unattractive. Do you think beautiful women are always attracted to handsome men? I don't. I think personality matters most. First impressions are always important. [your first reaction to someone] Grammar Structures: S + has …; S + has got; S + is/am/are + adj + noun, and ………..; Smartly dressed in (name of garment), she...; Casually attired in (name of garment),  Priti…; Simply clad in (name of garment) Prayash...; Biswas sports a (name of garment)…; S + is/are in his ……….., is …………….. , and is/are about ………;  S + has ……. eyes + which/that … and a ….., and has ………… hair; S + is …….., wears a ………. and speaks with a ….. accent; ; ………. is ……….; …….. (doesn't) seem ……; …..look + adjective……; ………look like + noun ………..; look as though/as if + clausal structure ……. Some Examples:
    • She's got straight hair and she's thin-faced (or she's got a thin face)
    • She's got long, wavy hair and she's round-faced (or she's got a round face).
    • She's got curly hair and is dark-skinned (or she's got dark skin).
    • He's got a crew-cut.
    • He's bald /bɒld/ and has freckles.
    • He's got a beard and moustache /məs_t_ʃ/ and has a chubby face.
    • He's got receding hair and a few wrinkles /_riŋkəlz/.
    • He used to have black hair but now it's gone grey, almost white.
    • Ramesh is in his early 20s, is stockily built, and is about five feet eight inches tall.
    • Rita has brown eyes and a fair complexion, and has shoulder-length dark hair.
    • He is well-dressed, wears/sports a gold ring and speaks with a Terai accent.
      9. Answer these remarks with the opposite description. EXAMPLE A: I thought you said he was the short, chubby one. B: No, no, no, not at all, he's the tall, thin-faced one. 1 A: Was that his brother, the dark-skinned, wavy-haired one? B: No, completely the opposite, his brother's … 2 A: She's always quite well-dressed, so I've heard. B: What! Who told you that? Every time I see her, she's … 3 A: So Charlene's that rather plump, fair-haired woman, is she? B: No, you're looking at the wrong one. Charlene's … 4 A: So, tell us about the new boss; good looking? B: No, I'm afraid not; rather … 5 A: I don't know why, but I expected the tour-guide to be middle-aged or elderly. B: No, apparently she's only …    Family description: My father has a round face, with chubby cheeks and a droopy moustache. My mother has a more pointed face and a straight nose. My younger sister is more like my father. She has an oval face and an upturned nose. My older sister is like a model. She has a slim figure and a slender waist. She has a lovely complexion and beautiful sleek, shoulder-length hair, and she's always immaculately groomed. I feel so ordinary next to her – I've got coarse hair and rather broad hips, but she always says I look nice. 10. Choose the right word from the text above:
    1. Fat in a pleasant and attractive way; 2. Long and hanging down heavily; 3. Shaped like an egg; 4. Attractively slim (a rather formal, poetic word); 5. The natural color and quality of a person's skin; 6. Smooth and shiny; 7. Her appearance is always tidy and looked after with great care; 8. Rough, and not smooth or soft
      More  description:
    1. My father and my two older brothers are all well-built with broad shoulders. My father is going bald but he still has a very youthful appearance for someone who is over forty. My brothers both have thick hair and bushy eyebrows. My younger brother is only two – he's just a tiny tot, but he's very cute. My mother's side of the family mostly have dark hair – in fact my mother had jet-black hair when she was younger, before she went grey – but on my father's side some have fair hair and some have ginger hair.
    11. Choose the right word from the text above:
    1. have strong, attractive bodies; 2. very thick; 3. a small child; 4. completely black 5. a red or orange-brown colour; used of people's hair
    2. Ashish is a very vain boy. He thinks he has a nice long black hair and beautiful big blue eyes. He lives in a Town called Biratnagar, in the East of Nepl. He's eighteen years old. He goes to Arniko HSS, and he's in class 12. His favourite subjects are mathematics, botany and computer science. He's a good student. His favourite singer is Shakira. He likes pets, but he can't have one, because he lives in a small house with his parents, his sister and his grandmother.
    3. I'd like to talk about my aunt. Her name's Marta and she's quite a character. She's middle-aged but has a very youthful appearance. She's a little overweight but not too much. She has a friendly round face framed by thick blonde hair. She has a lovely complexion and she's always well-turned out. Actually she always looks as though she's going out for the evening to somewhere special - there's never a hair out of place.  I've always thought she bears a striking resemblance to someone on TV - I can't remember the name now. She wears glasses and always seems to have a different pair on every time I see her. I like the way she looks because she wears clothes that are right for her age and manages to look glamorous without it looking like she's too done up. I'll be happy if I look like her when I'm her age.
    4. I'd like to describe my English teacher from school: Miss Thomas. She was my teacher at a time when I was getting a little bored with being at school. Unlike some of the other teachers Miss Thomas never lost her temper. She was very calm and easy-going. She was also very broad-minded -  we were able to ask her questions about lots of subjects that some other teachers would refuse to discuss which made us respect her even more. She had a great sense of humour too:  she'd laugh at our jokes as well as making us laugh, and she would also bend over backwards to help us with our work. She always put us first and often stayed around at the end of class to talk with anyone who needed help .Apparently she was highly respected within her field but you would never know as she was the type that hid her light under a bushel. She was very modest and self-effacing, so Miss Thomas was a teacher I have fond memories of.
    5. 12.  Match the adjectives in the first set with the nouns in the second set.
    First set: bushy, tiny, oval, striking, broad, droopy, chubby, disheveled Second set: cheeks, moustache, shoulders, hair, eyebrows, resemblance, tot, face Now fill in the gaps using the appropriate collocations made above. Sometimes the first letter(s) are given: I hadn't seen Mani Poudel since he was just a (1) t……………... t…………….…., so I was surprised to see that he was now a tall  young man. He was (2) im…………………..…..… gr……………..….., smart and elegant. He was with a pretty young woman with (3) j………..….-black, (4) shoulder-………………………. hair and a  (5) l………………..…….com………………………….……… He had his arm round her (7) s……………..……… wa…………..…. With them was a (8) po………..……. g……………..……., who looked as though he enjoyed good food, and who was probably her father. When I introduced myself to Mani, he smiled. 'Of course, I remember you,' he said. 'You used to work with my father. But you haven't aged at all! You have a much more (9) y……….….…….. a………………………..than my father now does. Dad has (10)……………………........ very grey.' I felt very pleased when he said that; he obviously didn't notice I was beginning to ………………………… bald. Everyone likes to think they look young when they get older. Follow up: Find a description of the hero or heroine in an English novel or short story. Note down any interesting collocations that you find there. Here are a few: 1.  He had the appearance of a Mogul warrior: thick shock of curly hair, sideburns which met the drooping curve of his moustache, a strong, stocky torso, long muscular arms and slightly bowed legs. Hasari Pal (The City of Joy by Dominique Lapierre) 2. Aloka was a young woman with a clear complexion and the look of an angel. The wing of her nose was pierced with a gold ring and her ankles were ornamented with bangles that jangled as she walked. 3. She was beautiful and lithe, with soft skin the colour of bread and eyes like green almonds, and she had straight black hair that reached to her shoulders, and an aura of antiquity that could just as well have been Indonesian or Andean. She was dressed with subtle taste: a lynx jacket, a raw silk blouse with very delicate flowers, natural linen trousers, and shoes with a narrow stripe the colour of bougainvillea. Garcia Marquez's character in the story, "Sleeping Beauty and the Airplane." 4. "She lay in her yellow Crimplene bellbottoms with her hair in a ribbon and her Made-in-England go-go bag that she loved. Her face was pale and as wrinkled as a dhobi's thumb from being in water for too long." (the description of Sophie Mol in Arundhati Roy's "The God of Small Things.") lithe: adj slim, supple, and graceful; antiquity:  noun (plural antiquities) the distant past, especially the classical and other civilizations before the Middle Ages; aura: the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to be generated by someone or something; shock: noun an unkempt or thick mass of hair. subtle:     adjective (subtler, subtlest) 1so delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe: a subtle distinction. capable of making fine distinctions. delicately complex and understated: subtle lighting. Glossary
    • to bear a striking resemblance: to look very similar to
    • cropped hair: very short hair
    • disheveled hair: untidy hair
    • to dress up to the nines: to dress very smartly or glamorously
    • fair hair: light-coloured hair; to be fair-skinned: light skinned; to get done up: to dress smartly; to be getting on a bit: to be getting old; to go grey: to have hair that is turning grey; to be good looking: to be attractive; to grow old gracefully: to act in a way that embraces the fact you are getting older; to be hard of hearing: to find it difficult to hear; in his/her 30s/40s: to be 20/30 something; scruffy: dressed untidily; to look young for your age: to look younger than you are; to lose one's figure: to have a figure that has lost its toned shape; complexion: natural skin colour and texture; make up: cosmetics; medium height: average height; middle-aged: approximately between 45-65; to never have a hair out of place: perfectly styled hair; to be overweight: to weigh more than is regarded as healthy; pointed face: the opposite of a round face; shoulder-length hair: hair that comes down to the shoulders and no further; slender figure: a figure that is tall and slim; slim figure: attractively thin; thick hair: a lot of hair; to wear glasses: to use spectacles; to be well-built: to be muscular
    • to be well-turned out: to look smart; youthful appearance: to look young
    Height: tall, tallish, short, shortish, medium height Built: frail, stocky, slim, thin, plump, fat, skinny, slender, well-built, narrow/broad-shouldered Age: young, elderly, middle-aged; teenager, in his/her 20s, 30s, teens Complexion: fair, dark, swarthy, clear Face: round, oval, square, long, thin, with scars, wrinkles, crinkles, freckles, sun-tanned, pale, rosy, ruddy
    Eyes: big round blue eyes, large, small, bright, narrow;  almond-shaped,  slanted, squinty, crinkly Eyebrows: thin, thick, bushy Lips: full, thin, protruding, pursed. Chin: pointed, cleft, double Hair: neatly-combed, tamed, bald, straight, curly, fuzzy, spiky, wavy; dark, black, brunette, brown, chestnut-brown, honey-blond, blond, golden-blond, ash-blond, auburn, red, strawberry-blond, gray, silver, white, salt-and-pepper; long, short, shoulder-length, waist-length; bearded, unshaven, clean-shaven, trimmed, neatly-trimmed Clothes: casual, scruffy, shabby, smart, tidy, messy Nose: straight, pointed, snub, upturned, hooked, crooked Hair styles: braids, ponytail, pigtails, bun, twist, bob, ringlets, flip, bangs, buzz Special Features: beard, moustache, goatee, sideburns, fringe, parting, receding hairline, mole, dimple, wrinkles, freckles

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