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    10 website you may not know about but worth looking
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    Some of the most informative sites often see some entertaining websites. There are millions of websites in the world of the Internet. So we do not know about many. We do not even know about some of the most useful and awesome websites. The same 10 websites we might know about, but they are very useful and useful, they are:
    1. RSOE EDIS

    This website displays unique maps, where real-time events occur in real-time accidental events, outbreaks, warnings and other information. You can go to this website and zoom in to the map and know the status of any place.

    2. Cost of Living Comparison

    If you are in a plan to move, you see this website is very fruitful. It provides information about the expenses of the lives of different cities in the world. Where is the rent? What is the value of daily utility goods? This website provides information about how expensive the hotel restaurant is.

    3. HaveIBeenPwned

    This website is a very useful tool to know if your email or any online account data is hacked.

    4. Fake Name Generator

    If you like to hide your real name, address, or identity, and wish to see a pseudonym in the Internet, you can visit your website and create your own fake name, address and introduction.

    5. MyNoise

    Various apps that play no sound in the backgrounds are now printed. Among them is the best choice.

    6. Creddle

    This is a great way to prepare unemployment sites for unemployed. So it can be very useful.

    7. FreeSound

    You can easily find the files of this sound on this website. These voices are very useful for making video, online games or listening to them.

    8. Academic Earth

    This is a very useful educational site to provide online styles of different classes.

    9. PatrickJMT

    Mathematics seem to be a lot of trouble. So you can learn mathematics on this website very easy.

    10. NoExcuseList

    Online resources are available on this site to learn different new sweets. This site can also be learned from various educational sites with different sweets.

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