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    Goit Group Take Responsibilty Of Blast
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    Kathmandu, December 7 Junkantrikrik Terai Mukti Morcha (revolutionary), a group of armed underground groups of Jaikrishna Goet Nataitya, has been attacked by a cooker bomb in Siraha district headquarters in Siraha Municipality.

    Three employees of the injured were injured in a bomb blast in the Malpot office on Friday 1 in 5 minutes. Front of the Front Goit has taken responsibility for the bomb blast.

    According to the statement, he said that the explosives in the Tarai area under the anti-corruption campaign were bombed at the Malpot office.

    'It is imperative to stop corruption in the Terai. In civil society, corruption is kept in crime status. Corruption like robbery, robbery, murder, etc. is also a criminal offense. "Gite has mentioned in the statement.

    Goit said that such corruption will continue in the highest level of carpentry freight office. The culprits (criminal) responsible for the consequences of this will be the Unified Land office office. "

    Posted On : December 22, 2017
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