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    Get Free com.np domain free
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    If you are searching for free personal or company website then you are on the right website.Here i will give you the steps by which you can get free .com.np domain .
    Web Hosting Nepal -Prabhu Host STEPS:
    1) First Go To http://register.mos.com.np
    2) Search Your desired domain Name ,if you get the domain available the pick the domain.Below photos explains briefly and clearly.
    3) Now you have to upload the scanned copy of your citizenship (front and back) one by one. And please don’t forget to rename you image to yourdomain.com.np.jpg. After you upload your image you have to provide name servers.
    4) Check email and activate conformation link.Update Your server name.
    Note: If you havenot bought Hosting then Check my new post " Free Website for .com.np "

    Posted On : June 27, 2017
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