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    Geology Field Report Format and Content
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    Geological Field Report 2073 will be accepted in following format as prescribed by Head of Department.

    Table of Content
    1.       Introduction
    a.       Introduction
    b.      Objective of the study
    c.       Location of the Study area
    2 .       Study and identification of rocks
    a.       Rock definition
    b.      Classification
    c.       Field identification
                                                                   i.      Marble
                                                                 ii.      Granite
                                                                iii.      Schist
                                                               iv.      Quartzite
                                                                 v.      Phyllite
                                                               vi.      Slate
                                                              vii.      Limestone
    d.      Sketched and photographs
    3 .        Study and identification of geological structures
    a.       Phenomenon of geological structures
    b.      Major geological structures
                                                                   i.      Joints
                                                                 ii.      Folds
                                                                iii.      Faults
                                                               iv.      Unconformity
                                                                 v.      Thrust
                                                               vi.      Foliation
                                                              vii.      Bedding plane
    4 .       Handling of geological compass and measurement of attitudes of geological planes
    a.       Types of geological compass
    b.      Handling of geological compass
                                                                   i.      Observation data in the field
                                                                 ii.      Sketched and photographs
    5  .       Study of river Channel Morphology
    a.       Definition of River Channel Morphology
    b.      Types of River Channel Morphology
    c.       Feature developed by river channel
    d.      Sketches, photographs, description of the location
    6         .       Conclusions
    7        .       References

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